Body Language of Cats

Body Language of Cats

Body Language of Cats

Undoubtedly, cats are mysterious creatures. From time to time, you may have difficulty understanding it. Often, if your cat is making strange movements, it is trying to explain what is wrong with it's health, mood or environment. You can understand their feelings and what they want to tell you by observing their body languages, facial expressions and sounds. Experiencing your cat's body language requires patience as well as being pleasant. It allows you to get closer and prevent bad behavior, as well as strengthening your communication. But it should not be forgotten that each cat has its own character.

Let's take a closer look at the body language of cats and understand what they are trying to tell us.


One part of the body of cats very clearly explains everything. Yes the tail! Unlike dogs' tail-shaking, it is a little more complicated in cats.

If your cat's tail is upright but the tip is curled, it is happy to see you. It is time to play. Isn't it so sweet?

If your cat has put its tail between its legs, it is in a nervous mood. It may be a new environment or a new family member that frightens him. It may need you.

Fluffy tail, alas, alas! No matter how cute it looks, this is not a good sign. It is the harbinger of attacking with hissing. Attention!


Your cat will try to tell you a lot with their eyes, but how much do you understand?

The eyes open slowly and the enchanted eyes are an indication that your cat is happy and admired. Enjoy the moment.

One with large eyeballs is looking for mischief. It means excited for a toy or another cat. But if there are aggressive movements and sounds, your cat is afraid of something.

If he looks with low eyes, he may be fed up with you. It is a sign of a boredom.


The ears clearly reveal the mood. You can understand your cat's mood by looking at it's tiny ears.

If the ears laid back, there is a problem. This movement is often accompanied by growling, which means that it is either very angry or frightened.

Erect ears are a sign of curiosity. There is something that catches your cat's attention.

When it is leaning forward, at the right moment, your cat is cheerful and wants some fun. You can see it in this state, especially when discovering a new toy.

cute cat under the bed


What about the meowings? What is your cat trying to tell you based on the types of meows?

A short meow: "Hi! Whats up?"

Short but repeated meow: "I'm glad to see you again. I miss you but that's all."

Soft toned meow: "Come on it's time to eat, I'm so hungry. How long can you resist this cute kitty?"

Treble meow: "What kind of food is this! Serve me better, give me the food I want."

Murmur: "It is a sign that your cat is trying to be cute and wants attention."

Hissing: "If it's not injured in any way, it's good to stay away. Your cat may be very angry for some reason."

Chirping: "The sound that cats usually make when lurking by the window for birds. They make this sound with their hunting instinct. Those who have a cat for a long time know."

Unusual humming: "This can be a bad sign, it is good to take it to the vet."

You can be sure that they are aware of everything, even if it seems that they are not listening to you. Feel free to communicate with them all the time. If you don't, they will miss you. Remember, they are our closest friends.

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